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Apple products is one of the most successful companies in the world due to its dynamic and innovative products. Since its founding in 1976 by founder Steve Jobs, the company has made a name for itself in the mobile technology industry, especially in recent years. The AirPods were Apple's best­selling product in the first two years of launch.

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Apple has released some of the best­selling products of all time, which alone have revolutionized entire industries. San Francisco (TheStreet) ­ Apple has reportedly released a series of products that have excited its users, and they have never broken their promises. Apple products are versatile, stylish and good looking, and the wide range of products thrill their users because they always deliver on their promises.

Music, phones, computers and advertising are affected, and Apple continues to grow in size and influence. In our infographic below, you can see how Apple has changed from a computer company to a device company over the years, with new innovations such as iPad and Apple Watch Keeping us on our toes. As always, Apple is a company that focuses on the consumer, not only what it says, but also what goes beyond its wildest expectations.

Apple designs and manufactures many products today, including the iPhone, Air Pods, Macs, iPads and other essential accessories. According to a Statista report, the best­selling Apple product is the iPhone. 

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Apple's iPad has become a cornerstone of iPhone success as the global media giants battle for a prominent place in the smartphone of choice, creating a new market for software developers. Research group Gartner predicted last month that tablet computers will see an explosion in sales over the next four years, with 60% of PCs sold in 2015 compared to Apple's iPad this year. 

Apple Inc. (AAPL), founded in 1976, became the first U.S. company to surpass the $1 trillion market capitalization mark in 2018. Apple's spectacular sales and profit growth, as well as its share price, have been driven by solid sales of its iPhone products. Sales of its iPhones and other tech hardware devices have slowed down as the company has made aggressive efforts to transform itself into one of the world's leading providers of digital services. 

Apple Inc. (AAPL) of 1976 has had a number of ups and downs in fiscal 2019 but the company has successfully increased its revenue from services, even though its revenues from its most popular products, such as iPhones, MacBooks and laptops have fallen below 2018 levels. 

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Apple's PC business, built around the Mac, generated $25.7 billion in revenue in fiscal 2019, but the Macs "contribution to Apple's growth fell as the PC industry experienced slow demand. In the fourth quarter of 2019, Mac products accounted for only 11% of group sales. However, comparable Apple products were sold, with the Macintosh selling 70,000 units in three months and reaching an estimated 280,000 units in the first year.

However, this wasn't enough to prevent cheaper MS­DOS­based PCs from dominating the market, and the Macintosh became a trendsetter in the popular educational and publishing markets. The Macintosh was the first in a long line of Apple Mac computers and helped popularize one of the form factors that Apple offers today, the iMac.  

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