Apple has silently released the MagSafe battery pack for $99 on its official website

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Apple has silently released the MagSafe battery pack for $99 on its official website. The MagSafe Battery Pack is now available to buy from the official Apple’s website. At present Apple battery pack is now available in a white matte finish and comes with a lightning port to recharge it.

 Apple’s support page also explains that the MagSafe battery pack can be recharged using a Lightning to USB cable with a 20W or higher power adapter, as using an adapter that is less than 20W can result in a slower charge. If the MagSafe battery pack is connected to a 20W or higher adapter then it can recharge iPhone12 at up to 15W. The MagSafe battery pack can also charge the iPhone when it is connected to a power adapter.

Apple MagSafe battery pack for iPhone12
The MagSafe battery pack is only compatible with the following given models of iPhone and it does not come with any charger or USB cable. As per 9to5Mac, the Pack has a limit of 11.2  watt-hours or 1460 mAh which might be sufficient to completely charge the iPhone12 mini.

apple magsafe battery pack apple magsafe battery back image

The battery pack is compatible with the following models of iPhone Models

iPhone 12 Pro   

iPhone 12 Pro Max   

iPhone 12 Pro Mini    

iPhone 12    

Apple recommends the following USB cable & Adaptor which is sold separately & not included with the battery pack:

USB-C to Lightning Cable  ($19 - $35)  

20W USB-C Power Adapter ($19)   

Apple introduced the MagSafe battery pack on the iPhone12 lineup models and it is a compact, intuitive design that makes charging easier. The perfectly aligned magnets keep the battery pack attached to your iPhone, assuring safe, quick & reliable wireless charging. And you do not need to turn it on or off as it automatically charges.

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